Romana Maliti

Graduated from theatre studies at VŠMU (Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) and cultural anthropology at Philosophical Faculty of Commenius University in Bratislava. From 2001 she worked as project manager for different institutions and project in the field of theatre (The Theatre Institute, Košice – ECOC 2013, International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra). She also acts as theatre critic, translator of contemporary theatre plays from Russian (Mukhina, Vyrypaev, Klavdiev etc.) and theatre dramaturgy (in cooperation with director Marián Amsler in the Theatre Aréna and Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava). As actress she performed in theatre productions at the AMDA (The Madman and the Nun, dir. by P. Nagy), in the Studio 12 (Tanya-Tanya, dir. by M. Amsler; Katka Krátka doesn´t work here anymore, dir. by J. Šimko), Theatre YSTFUD (Exit East, dir. by Ľ. Burgr and D. Vicen) and theatre SkRAT (Buggers and Suckers, dir. by D. Vicen).