Zuzana Piussi

Since 1992, she has worked for the Stoka theatre as an actress and stage and costume designer. In 1999, she wrote her own theatre show titled Módna prehliadka, enlisting the cooperation of Ľubo Burgr and Inge Hrubaničová. In 2000 she cofounded the Association for Contemporary Opera, later SkRAT theatre. She wrote the libretti for the operas John King (2001) and Tete-a-tete (2002) and was also responsible for costumes and stage design. Further performances in SkRAT theatre, she took a role: Hrádza, Okná, brehy, pozostalosti, Údel, Smrť v kuchyni, Čo bude zajtra, Morča, Paranoja, Narodeniny and Zvyšky.

In 2005, she graduated from Film and Television Faculty at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava. Her first documentary film Výmet was awarded the Main Prize at the IFF Beirut in 2003. In 2011, her political documentary Nemoc tretej moci (Disease of the Third Power) about black holes in the Slovak judiciary system and about the state of law in Slovakia was premiered. In 2012, she released 3 documentary feature films: Od Fica do FicaMuži revolúcie (Men of the Revolution) and Krehká identita (Fragile Identity).