Delusion – with the SkRAT Theatre conceptions towards fake conceptions


Delusion is a fake image, and as we all know, a person living in the present is constantly affected by worlds of false concepts. He lives in it. This author project made by actors themselves and directed by Ľubo Burgr brings viewers reality in short pictures, reminding us of commercial spots. (...)

The dark scene, together with the costumes has old and rugged effect. The neon lights are blinking tragically. Old crocks are topping in the middle of stage, evoking the fire canisters, surrounded with homeless people. The red light in the background flashes, like when switching TV-channels.
There are weird things happening in front of the viewer. The three spies are watching us, or maybe something behind us, using their binoculars. Mummery alternates short word sketches with humorous but also tragic sub-tone.  Wordlessly, there comes a woman, wearing negligee with a shopping trolley. She looks very frail and artificially. The three men from “bad crime section” are watching her sneakily. There’s something wrong, but it´s fascinating.

Zuzana Šnircová: Delusion – with the SkRAT Theatre conceptions towards fake conceptions, Pravda, 17th March 2012