How we suck in Zlín


The presence of the SkRAT theatre Bratislava belonged to the most remark- able ones. Despite being a semi-amateur company, it is undoubtedly the most brilliant one in both countries of the former federation. Their new work, Buggers and Suckers directed by Dušan Vicen, is again a series of precisely written scenes, this time based not on usual absurdities but offering a varying picture of office boredom, corporate culture and above all – relationships. Here we meet a man, who needs to break up with his girlfriend – with whom it is impossible to argue well, the other one who has a family (in fact two of them), WC suicidal people as well as an ambitious woman who looks for a quality genetic material. Well-played, funny-pointed dialogues, sense of absurdity. That’s all presented in a strong visual and vocal expression with the inventive use of video mapping.

Vojtěch Varyš, Týden, 31. 5. 2011