From the inside of Nitra 2011 (No. 2)


The latest SkRAT’s play has nearly anthropological-prophetic title: Buggers and Suckers. The humankind moved a long time ago from the stage of hunters and pickers to further evolution chapters and Vicen’s play might give a name to its recent stage. (...)

And it wouldn’t be for the Slovak alternative scene, if it didn’t demonstrate, that in spite of an easy sense of humour and comicality, it finds it necessary to show a desire to open up serious and important themes. And I do confess, that the final scenic image with projections displaying bar codes (instead of tradi- tional digits above) with a famous three-word text in German original saying that “Work liberates”, can’t be erased and rewound very easily.

Petr Christov, Divadelní noviny, 26. 9. 2011