The kingdom obliquely, is a challenge for backbones


Well that’s us, that’s the way we live having fun as much as it goes.
The sadists, the masochists. We laugh, cry, screw, shave ourselves, love and hate each other, take drugs, show off, lick, drink, hope, leave each other but we are still here. Yes, we are living on the edge, there’s no doubt about it.
And that’s why they don’t talk. They don’t say a word. Were we to observe – using special optic what’s going on in a flat across the street, we would be likely to see more than hear. Well, that’s the fate of the voyeurs. (…) Elaborate music mix and projection keep the structured net of scenic images together.
The film is shown with the use of the raster effect, on the oblique white surface of coulisse. Fragments of the block’s facades are accompanied by tired human shadows, by many times heard sounds and voices which we rushed by everyday haste let vanish irretrievably in the very first second of their conception. Somebody is running down the stairs, someone is taking a lift, everybody is making a phone call, while in the real life actors stick to the music and a particular space. Impact of all aspects involved is very artistic creating a well balanced composition.

(...) It is no easy to express oneself by a movement. Even more difficult may be to return from a dramatic conversation exclusively to the expression of the body and do not slip down to what was or has been here. The SkRAT people have always had invention. Their testimony is old-new, yet different. It can be current by the expression of topicality within stereotypicality, particularity within abstraction, sadness within a joke or vice versa. It is good that their snooping is not hasty, that it is experienced, analyzed. Simply, it is real.

Eva Andrejčáková, SME, 9. 12. 2008