About theatre

In 2000 the Association for Contemporary Opera was founded as a reaction of some artists to the lack of opportunities in conducting contemporary dramatic, musical or operatic forms without the types of compromise which occur when co-operating with big operatic and theatrical stages. The activity of the Association is accompanied by the activities of the newly founded SkRAT Theatre (2004). The SkRAT Theatre is an authorial theatre using improvisation technique. It works exclusively with its own themes and texts which are created right on rehearsals, and that means that the authors of the productions are all the artists present. The original style and collective authorship are the mark of quality, spontaneity and original interpreting of urgent themes. Six plays developed by the SkRAT members waere published in 2007 under the title Divadlo SkRAT: Hry 2003 – 2006 (The SkRAT Theatre: Plays 2003-2006).