The Sad Life of Ivan T.

(A Public Reconstruction of an Emergency Meeting 8/7/2005/)

Authors Ľubo Burgr and collective 
Directed by Ľubo Burgr
Co-authors and actors Vito Bednárik, Ľubo Burgr, Petra Fornayová, Lucia Fričová, Daniela Gudabová, Inge Hrubaničová, Milan Chalmovský, Dušan Vicen, Vlado Zboroň
Light and sound design Slavomír Šmálik
Music Phill Glass Music with charging parts, Imre Kálmán Jaj Cica, Ella Fitzgerald; Inge Hrubaničová sings Pieseň by Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský, Vlado Zboroň sings his own folk song Prišiel šuhaj ramenatý.

‘It is a reconstruction of an extraordinary board meeting 8/7/2006’. Stories of people who lived here, who are still living here and who will probably live here. Their life stories intervene with a banal but even more appalling reconstruction of some meeting, which (of course) deals with problems, but never solves anything. Men running away from their homes, women coming back to places of flooded villages. Deer hunting, but also everything which is still alive and able to feel complement a Christmas sequence of two board members. ‘Sadly, the author of this never-ending story is life itself’.

Premiere: November 12th, 2006, A4 – Zero Space


Nová dráma/New Drama 2007, Bratislava – Grand Prix Award for dramaturgy
Víkend atraktívneho divadla 2007, Zvolen


European Theatre Today 08 – The Plays, European Theatre Convention