Dušan Vicen

Graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy of Matej Bel University (UMB) in Banská Bystrica and in 2001 from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava where he studied theatre directing. As a director, author and occasional actor he co-operates with several theatre ensembles – mainly with the amateur theatre company Disk in Trnava (from 1993) and the independent SkRAT Theatre in Bratislava. He's a double winner of Alfréd Radok Prize for the best Czech and Slovak theatre play (in 2002 – the 1st place: ... pohlaď psa...; in 2004 – 3rd place: Siluet b moll). He wrote several radio plays: Bezvýznamný príbeh / The Unimportant Story, Nechcite ma rozplakať / Don’t Make Me Cry, Potrét zabitého / A Portrait of the Dead, Nahrávačky / Recordings (Drama 2008, Slovak Radio Prize) and a book of short stories Homo joga (oravské itinerárium) / Homo Yoga (Itinerary from Orava) for which he got the premium of Ivan Krasko Prize. In 2013, Slovak Theatre Institute published his Plays. He works as a director and author of theatre plays.