Buggers and Suckers

Scene, script, directed by Dušan Vicen
Co-authors and actors Vít Bednárik, Ľubo Burgr, Lucia Fričová, Daniela Gudabová, Milan Chalmovský, Romana Maliti 
Music Pjoni, Radoslav Chrzan and others
Visual cooperation Boris Vitázek
Technical cooperation Slavomír Šmálik

Actors of the SkRAT theatre shatter the myth of people being divided into hunters and pickers. Images, acts, scenic and textual collages passionately defend a new terminology and a new view on old things, while at the same time they disprove themselves, polemize with themselves, devoure themselves in the search for an answer to the main question of today: Who are buggers? Who are suckers?

Premiere: February 11th, 2011, A4 – Zero Space
Length: 90 min.

The project was supported by Endowment Fund Telekom with Foundation Intenda and Ministry of Culture SR.



Nová dráma / New Drama 2011, Bratislava – Prize of Student Committee
Dotyky a spojenia 2011, Martin
Divadelná Nitra 2011
Central European Theatre Festival, Košice 2011
Víkend atraktívneho divadla Zvolen 2011
Neue Stücke aus Europa (New Plays from Europe), Wiesbaden 2012, Germany


In 2014, the play was translated into Russian and published in Anthology of Slovak Contemporary Dramaturgy in New Literary Observer publishing house, Moscow.


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