My Hunt!

You won’t have any other stalker but me!

Cast Vít Bednárik, Ľubo Burgr, Milan Chalmovský, Danica Matušová/Anna Čonková, Jana Oľhová, Vlado Zboroň
Voice Milo Kráľ
Music Ľubo Burgr (using songs Tak smutno mi je bez teba – G. Dusík/P. Braxatoris, Prečo nemáš trochu lásky – T. Lengyel/ F.Trefný, Očarená bývam – K. Elbert)
Technical realization of scene Milan Mikula
Technical and visual cooperation Martin Kokavec, Gabriela Zigová
Script, scenic design draft, costumes, directed by Dušan Vicen

The play consists of the three stories of a sick chase: a man pursuing a woman, a woman pursuing a man and an elite sociopathic psychopath in pursuit of an unsuspecting ordinary man. The motifs of the chase are different. However, the common feature of all motivic lines is the absurdity that evokes the situations escalating into more absurdity in moments when you do not know whether to laugh or cry.

The play is performed as a reconstruction of three different stories, within which the essence and the development of the pursuit becomes more and more complex. The company SkRAT uses all means necessary to portray this. Detective horror elements blend with hints of absurd cabaret, farce as well as black and white operetta. While in the first story we can rather easily distinguish the stalker from the victim, in the two remaining stories the situation becomes entwined. The society—indifferent to the victim’s call for help at the beginning—gradually becomes the stalker itself, not realizing that it is being coldly manipulated by someone, who pursues his or her own interests; or perhaps the panic around a suddenly designated and observed phenomenon is being taken advantage of by someone in order to square his or her accounts.

1st story
A primitive stalker, a mechanical and possessive sense of love, indifferent and cynical community, two women incarnating one character of the same story, while the second woman is only a fictitious idea that couldn’t be fulfilled due to the tragic past.
2nd story
A primitive stalker obsessed with a woman “of his heart”, unpleasant but essentially harmless and comical; all until a cryptic psychopath, who uses psychiatric medication and the tragicomic escapades of the primitive stalker as a warm-up, appears on stage. Perhaps it gives him a perverted pleasure. Perhaps he does so for his personal revenge or some “higher interests”. Or perhaps he tries to investigate whether it is possible to influence a society in such a way that, it starts to approve of and even make absurd judgments against itself.
3rd story
A definitive confirmation of the fact that pursuing—or rather stalking—is not only a problem of a girl wearing a miniskirt or going braless, but that this long underestimated—and precisely because of that even more dangerous—problem can truly catch up to anyone of us… him… her… you… surely you… and even you…

Premiere: September 12th 2014, A4 – priestor súčasnej kultúry
Premiere marked the 10th anniversary of the theatre SkRAT.

The project was supported by Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the company Želos.


Dotyky a spojenia, Martin, 2015

kød / Stalker or victim? It depends on the viewing angle.